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(TOMBSTONE) The city council of Tombstone Az. may have shot itself in the foot. We have a new ordinance which reportedly goes into affect tomorrow Jan 2, 2012 this new law says that there wont be any busking allowed in the center of our little town. instead we have been relagated to and area that has far less foot traffic. Also we now must purchase a permit for $10.00 I feel I must point our that this ordinance does not solve a pressing government need. As the supreme court has dictated. I will send a copy if anyone needs it to help us. Del "Doc " Roach Street musician

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Sometimes, we are forced to re-invent ourselves. Maybe you could get a few Allen St. shops to back a new Western theme. Perhaps a strolling musician dressed as a outlaw singing songs of the era - and livin' on Tombstone Time. There used to be a guy dressed completely in black with spurs, boots, and six-shooters on.

Who's going to steal the show you know, baby?

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