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Permanent LinkMay 3, 2012 
:party: (BOULDER) In a technological breakthrough, Busker Alley has just released "Sideshow!", the first busker one-hour feature film on Blu-ray disc including the docu-comedy "Those Bloody Buskers".
"SideShow!" has been shot in HD and features dozens of buskers and street-performers dancing across the city's pitches for our entertainment pleasure. For you clothes-horses, it also features some of the best-dressed buskers in the world.

Returning to it's roots, Busker Alley has been shooting footage since it's inception in 1995 all within the context of busking and street-performing. They initially went to HD internet display in 2007 followed by a High-Definition AVCHD disc in 2009.

Produced by Zoobie, the full version Blu-ray disc is a prelude to the online movie "Busker Alley" to be released 2013.

"Now was the Winter of our contentedness. But in a culture-starved country as modern as the United States, I still find it rather amazing that, in 2012, not many know what the word "busker" actually means - not to mention accepting then embracing these performers as legitimate artists like the rest of the world does. It's something about the indoors and outdoors that inhibits people. It was mentioned in St. Martin's Lane - a busking film from the 1940's."

The disc covers the busker lifestyle, psychology, and even history. "We find the busker has been oppressed throughout history to varing degrees. Recently, we see buskers persecuted in China and right here in the United States. Fortunately, a busker has never lost a lawsuit here because they're protected under the First Amendment. But City Halls across the land still keep trying to change Federal law to suit their wants. Some people hate them but overwhelmingly most humans like buskers if they're good. I've always said that "if" was the biggest word in the English language."

"There's to be a free screening in Boulder this July along with Busker Central's Street-Performer Extravaganza. In all, almost 700 buskers will be presented at the Summer Cinema Program."

You can check out the "SideShow!" on Blu-ray at the link below. There's nothing like a belly-laugh in high-definition. Like Butch and Sundance said, "Who are those guys?"

Sideshow! :spotlight:


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