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Permanent LinkSep 1, 2014 
:surprised2: (PRAGUE) Two installation artists have demonstrated a new technique for the ancient display of levitation. Here, we find the forces of physics re-worked in street-performing and busking.
For centuries, Indian yogis have claimed to have mastered the powers of levitation. In reality, they've simply managed to tap into fundamental design principles and basic physics. The optical illusion results in a stunning presentation of levitation.

A few weeks ago, Michael Shermer, founder of Skeptic Magazine and the Skeptics Society, posted a photo on his Twitter account resulting in this world-wide revelation of clever busking feats.

While the installation art of the single guru floating has already been seen, we now have not one but two gurus on display without the need for any installation.

This shortcut enables the mobility of this type of installation art busking. Just how does it all work? It's all explained by following the link below.

The article's first comment by Scott kinda says it all.
"Even with the illustration, I still don’t get it."


Levitation Illusion


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