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Permanent LinkDec 3, 2014 
:stilts: (NEW YORK) Are these crazy people out to get your money or are these legitimate artists doing their thing? A local New York poll wants to know more about buskers and street performers. What about those cartoon characters? Just who are they? Should there be more restrictions? Less restrictions? Any restrictions?
We've all seen the guy holding the a sign with his dog by his side. Is he performing or looking to feed his dog? Are there laws to prevent him from bothering tourists? Should there be? The dog certainly isn't harassing anyone.

What about the Naked Cowboy? What exactly does he do? Is he breaking laws as he reveals more than just his guitar? Does he even play guitar? It's no wonder NYC wants to know more about these fringe performers.

How about soliciting business on subway grates, manholes or sidewalks narrower than 12 feet? It's kind of hard to envision a busker measuring the width of the sidewalk to perform their show but these are some of the proposals the city is revisiting.

Pertaining to the popular Times Square in NYC, recent efforts were made by buskers and street performers to deny the city's proposal of more restrictions. Now, the efforts have returned and newspapers want your feedback on the issue.

Take the poll through the link below and voice your opinion.

Poll: Do You Support Putting More Restrictions on Street Performers?


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