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A Magician's Busking Diary.

The Diary of a Magician starting out with the creation and development of his Busking Show named: "Busking Show 1.0".

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Hello Buskercentral people and all of the other Busker-lovers,

I'm a mid 30's Belgian magician from Antwerp. I'm studying magic since I was about 15 years old, and perform now for already 12 years. I always were more interested in close-up magic, but through meetings with other magicians, I started doing kids-magic on birthday parties, schools, etc...
Because I performed for children, I tried to start performing as a clown-dressed magician. Yet, some years later, I stopped doing those children shows, and I'm focusing pure on sleight of hand magic for the use in close-up and/or parlor magic. Because I have a busy day-job as a European International Courier Driver, I didn't liked the hassle anymore when working with contracts.
For that reason, I will start out Busking here in Belgium as soon as the spring is in the country. I studied a lot of other street performers, as well magic as other arts, and I really want to go out now to Hit the Bricks!!!

The name Mik-Kado is the only thing what I take with me (on this moment) from my children shows. My real name is Kim, and for my clown character I reversed my name. Because it didn't sounded very well, I wanted to add something to it. Because my clown character gave sometimes presents to the people, I've added the Dutch word for surprise to it (Kado). So Mik-Kado was born. This is also the name of an old classic (nerve testing) game with wooden sticks here in Europe, and let this be the favourite game of my clown.

For clearness, I will go busking as a magician, and not as a clown! It's only the name I'll take with me for now, untill maybe some other name will rise up once from somewhere...
In Belgium it's very uncommon to see a street magician busking (I've never seen one here before). And that's the barrier I want to break a little bit here...

"Magic becomes an art, when it has nothing to hide."

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