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A Magician's Busking Diary.

The Diary of a Magician starting out with the creation and development of his Busking Show named: "Busking Show 1.0".

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Because I've learned already a lot about busking through reading and watching as much street performances as possible, I found out that a busking show is not created like any other formal show I created before. A busking show is more like a process, what works for the audience is kept in the show, what doesn't is kicked out or at least adjusted.
It's for those reasons I wanted to create an easy system to be able to follow up the creation / development of my show at any time.
This seemed possible to me by using the same system as software developers use. After all, we are both developing our product, isn't it?
So my first attempt to create a show will be called "Busking Show 1.0". Untill I will take this show out on the streets, the name will stay unchanged, but from that moment on will change as many times as there will be changes made in the structure of the show.
Depending on the "grade" of changes / adjustments made each time after performing the show on the streets, I will "upgrade" the name with a "0.1" or even a "0.0.1".
For example, after the first time real audience tested the show, if changes are made just in lines or non-magic handlings, it will be upgraded to "1.0.1". If great changes find place, like in show structure or replacements of tricks or so, the name will be upgraded to "1.1.0".

In this way it seemed easy to me to follow up the development while I can see what changes were made at what time in the development, while I will keep the notes I'll make all organised in a file.

Maybe some of you find me sounding like some crazy fool...or maybe some of you will find inspiration in this... My thought (and through my reading work, I know other's thoughts also) is: "There isn't a right way or a wrong way to develop your show. What works for one will not give the guarantee to work for someone else..."


"Magic becomes an art, when it has nothing to hide."

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