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:lampshade: (NYC) You won't believe this but the following is just one single week recapping some of the strangest subway behavior in NYC. It is also the first in a new NBC 4 weekly series documenting happenings in the New York City subway. It promises to be quite an interesting serial publication.
"We start the first week noting that 5.6 million people ride the subway each day which makes it not only a hot spot for talent scouting and people watching, but also a snow-globe of sorts for some of the strangest behavior in the city".

Busker #1 is a cigarette smoking man underneath a train (don't ask). Then he jumps up and performs balancing and dare-devil stunts in-between cars. With cigarette in hand, he finishes by tap-dancing across the platform and away from the encroaching NYPD. The busker captivated onlookers with a death-defying act that only an off-broadway dancer with street-performing experience could execute.

Then there's a pair of subway performers who sound exactly like the Beatles performing "She Loves You" at 14th Street Station. In a few hours, their video is viewed more than 2 million times. Some doubted the authenticity of the performance citing it "sounds dubbed". The band who call themselves Blac Rabbit was honored by the various online comments.

The last busker featured this week is a member of the LGBTQ community who is confronted by a teacher who takes issue with Carol King's song, "You make me feel like a natural woman" that was dedicated to Bruce Jenner's surgeon.

Hur-ray! Hur-ray! Hur-ray!
Step right up ladies and gentlemen - boys and girls.
The best is yet to come - all on the inside!

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