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:party: (NEW ORLEANS) Celebrating 300 years in the making, New Orleans is currently busy with Mardi Gras, Jazz, and the French Quarter festivals. A visit by Busker Central reporters for a month reveals some interesting developments along with a deep history.
Bourbon street in "da qwada" is traditionally known for it's late-night activities, bars, drunks, fights, and arrests. It's still a wild place but not too suitable for busking. Jackson Square mall is known for it's daytime bands, painters, and psychic readers. Now, one block off Bourbon, Royal street is really nice and becoming popular for buskers both day and night. Among the historic quaint shops, several jazz bands and others buskers have sprung up. And who can blame them? It's probably the best single street that embodies the French Quarter at it's best. You might say that it's now becoming an authentic busker alley dripping in history with every note played.

One popular pitch is Royal and St. Peter streets. It seems every day, there's different jazz band performing. Down the next block, you'll find small bands of buskers performing traditional New Orleans songs. Individual buskers are still further down the way.

What's even more amazing is that, due to heavy foot traffic, the police have begun to routinely block off parts of Royal street to cars starting around noon. This enables buskers to perform in the street itself while tourists line the sidewalks. It's sweet because it's probably the best street with people galore all looking to take pictures, dance, participate, and have a good time.

"I remember busking here in the 80's. It's really one of the very best pitches - day or night. Pirate's alley now has quiet zone signs where buskers used to play - but 'Doobie' and I always performed under a warm light at Royal and Toulouse."

Let's go to Pat O'briens around the corner. They invented the hurricane. Uh oh...

Follow the link below for further reading and video on Royal Street.

Royal Street


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