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The incredible images at the Sun display a fearless acrobat flinging themselves through a small head-height hoop, a Charlie Chaplin impersonator ‘snake charming’ in front of a captive audience, and disabled ex-servicemen performing to the passing crowds.

Another stunning photo shows a banjo player being ably assisted by his pet pooch and a gentleman quietly concentrating as he plays a tune on what appears to be a Zither – a stringed instrument which is fiercely difficult to master.

The shots capture a post-war Britain, still labouring under rationing laws but blinking in the light of a blossoming economy.

Check out the link below for more amazing vintage...

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<![CDATA[National Busking Day features celebrity videos]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=174&sid=7b08e10e815e5dabafa747cf18fc0bfb 2015-08-01T19:50:20-05:00 2015-08-01T19:50:20-05:00 (UK) If only all the nations of the world would observe a National Busking Day, it would make for a better planet. Towns and cities around the UK have created special National Busking Day pitches where you share your talents and perhaps make a few quid, too.
Locations included Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Canterbury, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Exeter, Gateshead, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Margate, Newcastle and York.

Everyone from professionals to beginners took part in the first annual affair - whether they specialized in music, magic, comedy, physical theatre, living statues or dance.

To commemorate the celebration, the Express newspaper published the top 11 celebrities who have been filmed busking which include the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Olly Murs, Tom Jones, and (sorry)...

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<![CDATA[China to open Shanghai to buskers]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=125&sid=7b08e10e815e5dabafa747cf18fc0bfb 2012-09-02T03:47:59-05:00 2012-09-02T03:47:59-05:00 (SHANGHAI) For the first time in modern Chinese history, buskers and street-performers may be able to perform their art without being stopped.
"We'll be the first city in China to open arms to street-side performers," said Luo Huaizhen, a playwright who for the last eight years has urged the Shanghai People's Congress to allow street performers.

Shanghai residents will be able to see artists and performers doing creative shows in public spaces for the first time since the World Expo in 2010 when it was temporarily allowed. China has forbidden buskers because crowds gather possibly leading to discussions concerning the government.

Busker Central noticed a few years ago when the Chinese government started draining the street-performer website with useless connections. It has since had to block China...

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<![CDATA[busking in Nanaimo]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=978&b=55&sid=7b08e10e815e5dabafa747cf18fc0bfb 2009-10-17T03:04:57-05:00 2009-10-17T03:04:57-05:00 cathy davis

Nanaimo has incorporated a busking society . THE BEAT OF THE STREET SOCIETY advocates for buskers.
We held a LITTLE WOODSTOCK WEST FESTIVAL on September 5th, 2009. We had sixty five performers.
Next year will be a two day event.

We would love to invite the world to our beautiful city
check out www.bluegambit.com the busking page for updates and information or pm me
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