<![CDATA[Busker Central Blogs Feed]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers en Fri, 24 Nov 2017 15:09:00 -0500 <![CDATA[Pike Place Market bustling with buskers]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=205&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=205&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a (SEATTLE) It takes one glance any day of the week to see lots of buskers performing at Seattle, Washington's Pike Place Market. The popular and colorful water-front marketplace is alive and well.
Busker Central reporters recently visited the scene and observed that street-performers were literally on every block. Pianos, guitars, saxophones, and clarinets were all making music leaving the possibility wide open for larger circle shows. Although the pitches are now permitted, some performers had been busking the market for over 10 years.

A huge tourist mecca, Pike Place Market is also home to the first Starbucks coffee shop. The line to enjoy a cup of java was well outside the door and down the block. Beside the line, a guitarist was busy performing classic rock songs and really seemed to be enjoying himself. Down...

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<![CDATA[Curious - but don't know where to start?]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=204&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=204&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a (WWW) Contrary to popular belief, it's probably better to have no talent whatsoever when first starting off busking. This is great news for those just starting.
If you want to get involved with busking but don't know where to start, this information will prove invaluable to you. However, if you're a musician of several years, you'll probably want to use your talent to produce music.

Musicians are the most popular, the most talented, and least paid. Unless you have professional tapes and cd's produced ready to sell, the muse faces the task of entertaining a walk-by audience for tips then selling cd's. The best pass the hat. Musicians take years to perfect their craft. Some stay with it and become excellent artists while many give up and pursue other venues. Musicians also usually sing so they must...

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<![CDATA[Sacramento gaining ground on west coast]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=203&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=203&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a (SACRAMENTO) Watch out San Francisco. The California capital is taking measures to encourage buskers and street-performers to entertain their fair city. Dozens of new murals have been painted on buildings around midtown and new legislation allows for more of the performing arts both inside and out.
Buskers were once pushed out of Sacramento and other downtown areas pressured by frustrated business owners and residents who complained about the noise or said the musicians were blocking sidewalks. But as Sacramento’s urban core continues to develop and momentum continues in the local creative community, bringing back the buskers has become a hot topic around town.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission as well as the Creative Economy Pilot Project will soon receive funding for projects over the next two y...

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<![CDATA[Galway and Ocean City debut new codes of busking]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=202&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=202&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a The Galway, Ireland busking community has published their own code of conduct ahead of the implementation of city council bylaws to regulate the activity. The code is being launched as part of the ‘We Support Friendly Busking’ campaign.
Galway Buskers Community argues there is no need for busking bylaws, stating its new document promotes positive and responsible practices among street performers.

The group is also promoting a new slogan ‘Our Art, Our Streets, Our Responsibility’.

The initiative aims to improve the relationship between buskers and the business community with focus areas including noise levels, duration of performances and crowd obstruction.

The group says any move to rollout bylaws or permits would seriously impact Galway’s reputation as a major arts and culture hub. New bylaws to...

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<![CDATA[Lawrence Busker Festival celebrates it's 10th year]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=201&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=201&sid=3acca29dfb23007da69ebcf7dff3875a (LAWRENCE, KANSAS) It's hard to believe the Lawrence Busker Festival is celebrating it's tenth year keeping Lawrence weird. The festival will host over 50 difference acts on it's five downtown pitches. Included are fire displays, pogo stick acrobatics, break dancers, aerial artists, rubber chicken tricks, musicians and much more.
The Great Escape will kick off the festivities where an escape artist will replicate Harry Houdini's feat of escaping from a strait jacket while hanging upside down two stories above the crowd. Other events include an attempt to to set the Guinness World Record for the most people attempting a water bottle flip. And it gets even better.

Street performers will soon become a regular sight in Lawrence. Thanks to a $5,000 City Hall grant, the city's Community Arts Grant Competition's...

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