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RE: Buskers vs. Las Vegas for pitch on Strip by custardspie on Oct 1, 2009
Don't Worry William, We Got your back!! This is Exactly what we look for!! Check out the" San Diego Silverman gives Rare interview" on youtube you'll see just a little of what we do

Link up With The Busker's Movement and We'll Meet you in Sin City to Document This issue!!!!


The Crew Can Come!!!

:tiphat: MacMac

RE: Calling their bluff by Darian on Feb 5, 2009
Nice one my friend. Always nice to hear about a performer staying centred in the face of a bully.

Darian (Perth, W. Australia)

RE: Busker inflates balloon with eyes by guitarman on Nov 30, 2008
This is probably the craziest thing I've ever heard of. I've seen a world record holder squirt milk but this is absolutely weird! How in the world do you inflate a balloon just using your eyes? No doubt others be desperately trying to mimic this guy!

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