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RE: magic table addiction by guitarman on Feb 11, 2012
You're probably creating a psychological barrier effectively separating you from the edge, your beloved customers. This "podium" effect feels safer to stand behind than not.

Since busking is all about the interaction with your audience, I would suggest running completely around and even through them - "searching" for something you've "lost" - making sure to gently move them out of your way as you "search". Women excel at this because it's all psychological.

By embedding yourself right into the interaction, you can leave your table for your grand finale.



RE: Tombstone "the town to tough to die" by guitarman on Jan 6, 2012
Sometimes, we are forced to re-invent ourselves. Maybe you could get a few Allen St. shops to back a new Western theme. Perhaps a strolling musician dressed as a outlaw singing songs of the era - and livin' on Tombstone Time. There used to be a guy dressed completely in black with spurs, boots, and six-shooters on.

RE: Can an old fart start? by guitarman on Oct 2, 2010
I don't see why you can't at least become a weekend warrior as are most buskers in America. This way, you can ease yourself into the sport. :lol:

RE: Busking in Santa Cruz, CA by guitarman on Apr 22, 2010
:guitar: Busking as a singer/songwriter with a guitar is the hardest. As you said, there are tons of others trying the same. However, walking away with wads of cash past the others who have 68 cents in their guitar cases is rewarding. You simply have to be the very best.

Just about anything else is easier...stilt walking, magic, clowning, mime, etc. when it comes to busking. People are still fascinated with juggling - so much so that buskers often refer to them as "Not another fooking juggler..."

Perhaps you should create a whole new show with your guitar show as a backup. You could even end your new show with a rousing song performed "live".

RE: Buskers vs. Las Vegas for pitch on Strip by custardspie on Oct 1, 2009

Suzi I think the going rate should be $100.000 per hour that you spent in Jail. Vegas makes enough money to pay 100x that for violating your Rights and Freedoms as an American.

If Anyone knows how to contact these true buskers can you please shoot us an email at thebuskersmovement@live.com

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