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Pitch list

GOOD LUCK!'; data[1]['blog_time'] = 'Wed, 15 Feb 2012 23:31:42 -0600'; data[2] = new Array(); data[2]['title'] = 'RE: Tombstone "the town to tough to die"'; data[2]['url'] = ''; data[2]['url'] = ''; data[2]['username'] = 'guitarman'; data[2]['blog_id'] = '12'; data[2]['blog_message'] = 'Sometimes, we are forced to re-invent ourselves. Maybe you could get a few Allen St. shops to back a new Western theme. Perhaps a strolling musician dressed as a outlaw singing songs of the era - and livin' on Tombstone Time. There used to be a guy dressed completely in black with spurs, boots, and six-shooters on.'; data[2]['blog_time'] = 'Fri, 06 Jan 2012 21:42:06 -0600'; data[3] = new Array(); data[3]['title'] = 'RE: Buskers vs. Las Vegas for pitch on Strip'; data[3]['url'] = ''; data[3]['url'] = ''; data[3]['username'] = 'custardspie'; data[3]['blog_id'] = '6'; data[3]['blog_message'] = 'P.S.

Suzi I think the going rate should be $100.000 per hour that you spent in Jail. Vegas makes enough money to pay 100x that for violating your Rights and Freedoms as an American.

If Anyone knows how to contact these true buskers can you please shoot us an email at'; data[3]['blog_time'] = 'Thu, 01 Oct 2009 21:52:03 -0500'; data[4] = new Array(); data[4]['title'] = 'RE: Buskers vs. Las Vegas for pitch on Strip'; data[4]['url'] = ''; data[4]['url'] = ''; data[4]['username'] = 'custardspie'; data[4]['blog_id'] = '5'; data[4]['blog_message'] = 'Don't Worry William, We Got your back!! This is Exactly what we look for!! Check out the" San Diego Silverman gives Rare interview" on youtube you'll see just a little of what we do

Link up With The Busker's Movement and We'll Meet you in Sin City to Document This issue!!!!

The Crew Can Come!!!

:tiphat: MacMac'; data[4]['blog_time'] = 'Thu, 01 Oct 2009 21:41:33 -0500';