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Can you guess which future star was kicked out of Spain for vagrancy? How about guessing which star performed fire tricks on the streets of London? Of course, we can't forget the star who performed a mime act on the streets of New York while an acting student.

The top ten is quite entertaining and revealing while the "X" list (ex-busker) contains an incredible list of lists featuring all buskers who became *Stars*. There is a new master compilation currently being built that is due out sometime next year.

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<![CDATA[Gypsy Busker]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2235&b=132&sid=79a23d59c7f7ccb62619b5910cdf1e14 2013-02-13T18:07:48-05:00 2013-02-13T18:07:48-05:00
Just wanted to say Hi and Hope all you fellow buskers out there are having a blast doing what we love to do Street Perform. I am right now in Colorado cant wait were my Street Performing takes me Next!!!!

Michael Chase The Modern, Violinest
<![CDATA[Sacramento gaining ground on west coast]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=203&sid=79a23d59c7f7ccb62619b5910cdf1e14 2017-08-01T14:57:10-04:00 2017-08-01T14:57:10-04:00 (SACRAMENTO) Watch out San Francisco. The California capital is taking measures to encourage buskers and street-performers to entertain their fair city. Dozens of new murals have been painted on buildings around midtown and new legislation allows for more of the performing arts both inside and out.
Buskers were once pushed out of Sacramento and other downtown areas pressured by frustrated business owners and residents who complained about the noise or said the musicians were blocking sidewalks. But as Sacramento’s urban core continues to develop and momentum continues in the local creative community, bringing back the buskers has become a hot topic around town.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission as well as the Creative Economy Pilot Project will soon receive funding for projects over the next two y...

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<![CDATA[Coffs Harbour busking policy goes wonky]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=78&sid=79a23d59c7f7ccb62619b5910cdf1e14 2010-05-09T14:14:58-04:00 2010-05-09T14:14:58-04:00 (AUSTRALIA) The Coffs Harbour City Council's busking policy continues to rage by charging buskers $12 per day to perform.

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<![CDATA[Gatecrashers cash in on WBF]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=32&sid=79a23d59c7f7ccb62619b5910cdf1e14 2009-01-27T02:39:32-05:00 2009-01-27T02:39:32-05:00 Gatecrashers: The World Buskers Festival is being gatecrashed by street performers eager to cash in on the crowds attracted by the popular Christchurch event.

Heymoonshaker, a guitar and beatboxing act, set themselves up on a street corner yesterday afternoon to take advantage of the crowds.

"If the festival is a boat, then we are on skis behind it trying to get as much out of it as we can," gatecrashing British beatboxer Crowe said.

British travellers Crowe and guitarist Andrew Balcon met in Nelson and decided to perform in Christchurch to raise money for their world travels.

"We thought we would be able to perform in between sets in the Square, but they wouldn't let us," Balcon said.

Festival director Jodi Wright has taken a liberal approach to the busker pilot fish cruising in the wake of the festival shark.

"It is too hard to try to police them. Unless...

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