<![CDATA[Busker Central Blogs Feed]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?page=&mode=random_blogs&feed=ATOM&limit=5&sid=c2152800597112c567d1c95c33810836 2018-07-16T23:57:39-04:00 <![CDATA[Busker begins effort to halt deportation]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=77&sid=c2152800597112c567d1c95c33810836 2010-04-30T13:06:23-04:00 2010-04-30T13:06:23-04:00 (BOULDER) A popular Pearl Street Mall busker is fighting deportation. Contortionist Ibashi-i Brown will meet with INS officials to learn his fate.

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<![CDATA[Venice Beach, the Naked Cowboy, and "Mad Chad" Taylor]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=109&sid=c2152800597112c567d1c95c33810836 2011-10-20T23:15:58-04:00 2011-10-20T23:15:58-04:00 (VENICE BEACH) It seems Venice Beach is the starting point for some busker's fame. Such is the case of the Naked Cowboy's forthcoming revelations.
Ironically, he joins another famous busker who first started juggling real chainsaws on the famous California boardwalk.

In his new book, author Bob Burck a.k.a. The Naked Cowboy, exposes his rise to busker fame and unveils a life goal in his autobiography "Determination: The Legend of the Naked Cowboy".

"I want to be the most famous man on the face of the earth," Burck tells a reporter from the The Daily Free Press. Because he was a model and a bodybuilder, a photographer suggested Burck play guitar in his underwear to gain the attention he was sorely missing while busking on Venice Beach. The rest is history.

Well on his way, Burck is also...

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<![CDATA[I am a Detroit Bellydancer and fire performer]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=336&b=19&sid=c2152800597112c567d1c95c33810836 2008-11-25T23:55:05-05:00 2008-11-25T23:55:05-05:00 I am a Detroit Area Belly dancer who performers with fire. I also do many sideshow acts and live animal acts.

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<![CDATA[BUSKERS WANTED for FRINGE NORTH 2018!]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=4173&b=208&sid=c2152800597112c567d1c95c33810836 2018-01-04T19:27:43-05:00 2018-01-04T19:27:43-05:00
Artist registration is now open for the 2018 Fringe North International Theatre Festival in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

Running from August 9 to 19, this small but mighty festival is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some time in beautiful Northern Ontario, enjoy the company of a fun and creative bunch, and bring the joys of busker entertainment to a city which does not usually get to enjoy street performance.

Check out our website www.fringenorth.ca to learn more, or to register your act. Questions? Email the Artistic Director Tova Arbus at ad@fringenorth.ca

We would love to have you join us!

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<![CDATA[Mystery busker turns out to be famous]]> http://buskercentral.com/buskers/blog.php?u=2&b=133&sid=c2152800597112c567d1c95c33810836 2013-03-01T00:13:17-05:00 2013-03-01T00:13:17-05:00 (NEW ORLEANS) It's the same old story with a different twist. Just as most captive audiences are tough on buskers, the same held true recently when a busker decided to entertain passengers on a public streetcar in New Orleans.
Being the birthplace of jazz, it isn't unusual to find buskers performing songs up and down the venues in the French Quarter which is quite famous for the impromptu entertainers. However, this time was to be different.

The busker pulled out his guitar on the trolly and started singing old Beatles tunes including "A Hard Day's Night". The passengers went about their business expecting the street-performer to soon pass the hat and be on his way. Much to their surprise, the busker just kept playing more Beatles songs having a seemingly endless supply of them on hand.


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