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Permanent LinkJun 2, 2013 
:hair: (VANCOUVER) Once a bustling tourist mecca, Vancouver is rapidly gaining a reputation as the "No-Fun-Allowed" city.
Granville Island has recently revamped their busking regulations with a dizzying array of almost impossible requirements.

Included is having to pass not one but two auditions by a non-qualified jury, a doubling of license fees, arbitrarily banning popular performers, and for good measure, an unbelievable 15 pages of rules.

And they're just getting warmed up. Forget fire and circle shows. Even with insurance, these are out. Want to change a line or joke? It's not allowed once the license agreement is signed. It's the most preposterous, cockeyed, idiotic conception Busker Central News has ever reported.

License fees were doubled because they "hadn't been raised in 5 years." It's bizarre and thoughtless thinking like this that has the whole world looking to control performing artists, make a quick buck for City Hall, and put a feather in their caps for doing so.

Believing this will lead to a higher-quality of busking, Granville Island may just find itself without any buskers at all. Perhaps this is the real goal. The real result, however, will be a decrease in tourism. One can only imagine the hours and money spent making page after page of totally nonsensical rules.

"All this smacks of a tiny tyranny of petty officials," writes Gordon Clark, an editor of The Province epaper. These "kill-joys" evidently have nothing better to do than provoke performers who are more talented than themselves. The "powers that be" may be consumed with artistic jealousy, envy, and green-eyed monsterness.

Consequently, all of this may lead to a huge busker boycott. If not, then Granville Island will be like any other fascist state taking a page right out of Nazi Germany. The only thing left is to force the buskers to wear a big blue star on their clothes with an "illegal busker" sign around their neck.

Just what possessed them to suddenly make such regulations is unclear. But after creating this mess, all the officials now need to further their cause is a martyr. They've already found a scapegoat.

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