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:scrooge: (LAS VEGAS) Let's take a trip down the Strip in Las Vegas and see how the buskers are melting. No, it's not that kind of trip. This is for reals.
It's never been hotter in Sin City which just tied an all time record of 117 (47.2 C) degrees in June. Regular street-performers seem to be gravitating towards the Fremont Street Experience where it's a tad cooler. But anyone in an enclosure or costume almost has to have a whole thermos of cold water with them.

Cupid has the right idea. This short, chubby busker runs around in his wings sporting a white g-string. Mix in a few drunks and it makes for a good time - assuming you drink. This is, after all, Las Vegas - home to over 400 Elvis'.

Off to the left is a Golden Statue, to the right is Gold Man. In the center is Golden Girl. Down the way is Sponge Bob and over yonder is Stevie Wonder.

Clever street vendors are handing out free water and accepting tips for doing so. It's hotter than Hell everywhere you go - except the casinos, of course. They're happy campers will all the tourists forced inside. They're busy raking it in thanks to the relentless desert sun.

"The Bumblebees and Tickle me Elmos must be sweating bricks." says James Harold who poses as Stevie Wonder.

Let's hope they weather the heatwave. Maybe it will cool down to only 100° at night.

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