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Permanent LinkNov 1, 2013 
:artist: (NEW YORK) The Bristol, England street artist known as Banksy has struck again and even again and again in New York City causing quite a stir in the past few weeks.
It turns out the artist in residency has a goal of unveiling one street-art piece a day. Featured a few years ago in the Busker Central film review of "Exit thru the gift shop", Banksy is wanted by British Telephone for destroying a phone booth by making a piece of art out of it.

Now, Banksy is busy displaying his street art here are there in NYC spawning quite a few different viewpoints on his craft. Is it art or merely graffiti? To those who like, it's art - pure and simple. To those that don't, it's graffiti. Some erase it in hours. Others immediately preserve it behind plexiglas. One extreme reaction to it was a billboard with “Banksy go home!” scribbled across it. Why? Because Banksy has a history of painting space that is already occupied with another's art. This is just one of the "cardinal sins" in the unwritten rules of graphic artists around NYC. Another is using stencils which can be considered cheating.

Considering Banksy's work, New Yorkers have stolen it, painted over it, urinated on it, tagged it, charged for it, revered it, fought over it, sneered at it, guarded it, sold it to the highest bidder and chased it to corners of the city that they had never been. Someone even wanted to buy the whole brick wall with a Banksy piece on it.

The whole concept revolves around longevity of said art pieces. There's nothing more satisfying as having your art up for months - even years - if a great location is found. Many artists collect donations while completing their work. Some can later find the art to which they donated on display in a major city.

Many find Banksy’s media celebrity and the aggrandizement of his work offensive. This turns out to be grounds enough for “going over” his work. It may even bring the overpainter quick fame for doing so. Bansky, himself, gained notoriety in London in 2006 for painting over a famous graffiti artist's work. He is also seen as infringing on local's "turf". New Yorkers don’t feel he should get to just waltz in and grab all the attention - something they've been working on for perhaps decades.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations! While media moguls have capitalized on the street-artist selling their rags, why not just go to Banksy's very own New York website and read his own discussions of the art he's displayed? The site is complete with his street-art murals, videos, souvenir T-shirt, and even an audio hotline.

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