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Permanent LinkDec 3, 2015 
:horn: (WWW) Ever wish you could easily build your own website for free? Now there's a way to promote yourself and your show with pics, text, music, and video. You can even pass your virtual hat.
Without the need for learning webpage coding, you can simply drag and drop content into the page builder editor and have your site up and running in a matter of minutes. Select a style from the 100s of fully customizable HTML5 templates available in every category including the creative arts, music, store, and business. Choose your template or create something totally original.

Post your schedule, events, and plans for everyone to know. Sell your busker wares and whatnot online with an internet store. Create an special email address. Print your website address on business cards and collect virtual donations. You can even point to fellow buskers websites by inserting hyper-links. Get an optimized version of your website viewable on smartphones.

Most website builders do not inculde any updating. Need to change something? Easily change it yourself, instantly. Having a problem? Get quick answers from the support team. Need your site in French? Click a language and you're good to go.

Wix lets you easily create and manage your online promotions. It's great for small Business Owners, Designers, Musicians, Photographers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Online Stores & more.

Visit the link below for your very own free website.



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