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Permanent LinkMay 2, 2016 
:therapy: (BUSKER CENTRAL) Most buskers are past coming of age and well into their mid-life when they begin to ponder their future. Although the oldest busker was 70+ years old, he had other sidelines such as children's and company parties to see him through. We don't want to think about it but need to ponder this same question. What will you be doing after your busking career has ended?
It may seem scary now to think of such matters but just imagine how scary it would be if you hadn't made plans for your senior years. Many have continued their performances by going to the private and commercial sectors. Magicians and clowns are easily able to make this transition. But what about, for example, jugglers and musicians? Will they be able to do the same?

Fortunately, there are many new approaches to said problem of retirement. In this modern digital age, one can actually go to college via the internet. It seems that every busker eventually writes a book which can be published at Amazon. Some have embraced movie-making or opened recording studios.

The point is to start thinking about what you will be doing as the years take their toll. Then you won't be caught holding the bag. You'll be ahead of the game as look back at your busking career with fond if not frustrating memories.


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