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:party: :party: (WWW) It's hard to believe that it was 15 years ago today that the mouse was clicked and the hand-coded Busker Central reference website went "live" on the internet.
Five servers later, it continues to bring pertinent reference and news articles into the busker's life. Literally thousands of links and pages encapsulate the pure essence of Busker Central on the internet - worldwide communication.

Each and every day, performers surf into Busker Central in the hopes of finding new ways to express themselves in their artistic endeavor and perhaps learn, travel, and even supplement their incomes.

"When in Rome...", be sure to say 'hi' to all the buskers you may encounter. Europe is loaded with buskers and street-performers. It's hard not to walk down major shopping districts in world-class cities without encountering a busker or two. It is truly a world-wide phenomena likely starting in India thousands of years ago.

In the USA, busking comes under the First Amendment as Freedom of Speech and is protected in the courts. Business districts can restrict busking in certain ways but should be held accountable for creating new venues for such.

The best advice Busker Central can give is to just go where there are lots of people. You will undoubtedly meet new and interesting like-minded artists and perhaps a mate for life. It's happened and will happen again and again. It comes with the territory. People have a biological need to interact and socialize. Buy somebody coffee or let them buy you one. Exchange songs, ideas, pictures of travel, and encourage the performing arts. By busking, you will create experiences that will last a lifetime.

Let's hope that the next 15 years of Busker Central finds special ways to create more access to the people and make busking more accepted, convenient, and unrestricted.



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