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:disguise: (WWW) It's interesting to see what websites come up with their definition of a busker. One such site is the editable Wikipedia.org informing readers since 2001.
The word "wiki" is Hawaiian for "quick". The definition of 'busker' redirects to the 'street performance' page started in 2003 which has been edited, believe-it-or-not, over a thousand times.

"Street performance or busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities."

Besides the basic definition, the page also covers etymology, history, forms, collecting money, pitches, legislation, and notable performers. The latter is filled with famous and not-so-famous artists including George Michael, the Violent Femmes, and even Benjamin Franklin.

Early editing was done by the Wiki editors themselves without any knowledge or experience of busking. Authentic buskers would edit/add/correct the page only to have 'official' editors with nothing to do revert said edits. Fortunately, over the years, this has been minimized with editors now required to have pertinent knowledge and experience of their specific areas.

One interesting note mentions Rod Stewart. "Rod Stewart began hanging around folk singer Wizz Jones and busking at Leicester Square and other London spots in 1962. On several trips over the next 18 months, Jones and Stewart took their act to Brighton and then to Paris - sleeping under bridges over the River Seine and then on to Barcelona. Finally, this resulted in Stewart being rounded up and deported from Spain for vagrancy in 1963."

A link in the 'see also' section lists 'busking venues' and 'buskng locations' for those ready to go big time. Also notable are the external links.

Check out the page below.



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