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Permanent LinkJun 1, 2020 
:guitar: (WWW) A free eBook by Music Industry How-to's Shaun Letang has an interesting take on turning profits by using the popular video site YouTube. In these days of the pandemic, it may be a good time to expand your awareness of just what's out there in terms of your musical career. This would be one alternate venue as it were...
Once your subscription is confirmed, musicians receive access to new guides weekly as well as the free eBook entitled '5 Steps To A Profitable YouTube Music Career'. It covers useful information and is intended to be an introduction to the online adventure.

Other topics include:

'Why Most Musicians Fail To Make An Income [Don’t Make These Mistakes]',
'Wow! 3 Independent Musicians Making $$$ Per Month With YouTube',
'One Key Element To Becoming A Profitable YouTube Musician', and
'The Profitable Video Musician Blueprint (10+ hours of HD Video).'.

The book offers the opportunity to take Shaun's optional course to further your music career. There are good examples and a lot of materials and resources.

Check out the link below for more information.

5 Steps to a Profitable YouTube Music Career

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