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Permanent LinkNov 3, 2020 
:busker: (WWW) In these challenging times, we must all remember to go directly to the people. The busker must first "seek" an appropriate audience and go from there. The surprise impromptu performance is almost always welcome in the tourist industry. Even flea markets and towne festivals have been known to welcome the busker. Where else can you draw a nice crowd then entertain them?
Not any ol' street corner will do these days. You will need throngs of toursits to entertain and make a decent amount of "appreciation". What's just as important is a smile on your face which is rare these days. A smile disarms people and they, more often than not, willl smile back instantly making a connection.

Whether you're a circle show or stand-alone musician, you should always have cd's or dvd's of your show available so they may relive this experience forever. One recent technique is to simply hand out business cards with a URL to download or stream your performance directly to your fans after a donation is made.

Moving forward, we see that difficulties can be overcome with a little bit of motivation and determination. Since 2020 has been pretty much a bust, lets concentrate on recovering in 2021 which is just a couple months away.


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