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:busker: (FISHERMANS WHARF) It looks like the Amazing Johnathan is returning to his roots and taking a break from his Las Vegas show.
Years ago, the former street performer had his show at the Golden Nugget...or was it Fitzgeralds? Circus Circus? Anyway, I forget where John Szeles's show was but he's heading where it all began.

The insult comic, the Amazing Johnathan, has built his show over the years into a solid, if not down right weird, Las Vegas show that probably has more jokes per minute than any current show running. It also drops more F-bombs than Pesci in "Casino". With a 3-act structure, the former busker has shown others the way to create and perform Vegas-style.

I believe Carrot Top, like Sinbad, first started performing on the streets of Westwood in L.A. It's seems like a while since San Francisco has had a street performer make it big like Robert Shields. Unlike the Amazing Johnathan, they are not insult comics like the infamous Don Rickles (cue bull-fighting music) and the insult comic style he created, ya dummy/hockey puck.

Johnathan first became a permanent Vegas act in 2001 and has since bounced around into the bankruptcy protected trouble of the Harmon Theatre. Not that it affects the show but a lot of theaters are in trouble these days.

As an opener, a regular magician comes out and does familiar magic tricks for our enjoyment. I shouldn't say regular. I should say "real". These are unbilled professionals that largely go unappreciated. They are making good money for their 20 minutes performing their own brand of magic and opening for the main attraction.

What's amazing is that the public will pay good money to see the Amazing Johnathan flip them off...several times, as a matter of fact. Now whether this works on "The Wharf" or not is another question. These days, he may get shot just for passing the hat. Perhaps he should have an ambulance at the ready...and camera crew, of course.

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