var title = 'Busker Central ProfGizmo\'s Blog Feed'; var url = ''; var site_url = ''; var site_desc = 'Buskers and Street Performers'; var time = 'Thu, 18 Oct 2018 11:59:57 -0400'; var data = new Array(); data[0] = new Array(); data[0]['title'] = 'magic table addiction'; data[0]['url'] = ''; data[0]['url'] = ''; data[0]['username'] = 'ProfGizmo'; data[0]['blog_id'] = '115'; data[0]['blog_message'] = 'Is anybody as addicted to their magic table as I am? I don't seem to be able to operate without it. I've gone out a couple times without it and sucked. I ususally do 3 shell game and a Benson Bowl type routine with the table. I don't seem to have the same confidence without it. I do sharpshooter and the misers dream and a signed bill into a nest of dolls which doesn't need a table, but my show isn't as good without what I do with the table. Anybody have any similar experiences??? I would like to ditch the table and stand and just work out of a Dr. bag which would be great if the quality of show was as high. Suggestions please!!!!'; data[0]['blog_time'] = 'Wed, 08 Feb 2012 19:47:13 -0500'; data[1] = new Array(); data[1]['title'] = 'busking book'; data[1]['url'] = ''; data[1]['url'] = ''; data[1]['username'] = 'ProfGizmo'; data[1]['blog_id'] = '71'; data[1]['blog_message'] = 'Here's the new cover for my book. Details at my website:
Oops file is too big. I'll send another when I get it shrunk.'; data[1]['blog_time'] = 'Mon, 01 Feb 2010 17:44:04 -0500'; data[2] = new Array(); data[2]['title'] = 'Busking Book'; data[2]['url'] = ''; data[2]['url'] = ''; data[2]['username'] = 'ProfGizmo'; data[2]['blog_id'] = '70'; data[2]['blog_message'] = 'Got a number of good reviews on my busking book. Danny Hustle and Jimmy Talksalot both gave me the thumbs up. Thanks guys. Sold a copy of the book to Spain, Sweeden and Australia not to mention all over the US. Looking for feedback from those who got the new book.
I just got a new DSLR camera for my birthday. Can't wait to get it out for some good pictures. I'm taking classes to improve my technique. Hopefully I can post them around. If you're in KC and need some performing pix let me know. I got some good shots of my grandson playing hockey.
Hopefully the weather will start to break in the next few weeks. I have consolidated my street show so it will be easier to transport. I'm getting too old to carry all the stuff around. Hopefully I'll be seeing some of you buskers this summer.
-Gizmo'; data[2]['blog_time'] = 'Mon, 01 Feb 2010 17:38:31 -0500'; data[3] = new Array(); data[3]['title'] = 'Rainy Weekend'; data[3]['url'] = ''; data[3]['url'] = ''; data[3]['username'] = 'ProfGizmo'; data[3]['blog_id'] = '61'; data[3]['blog_message'] = 'Well, it rained here in Kansas City. Couldn't go out and do any busking Doh! I'm working on a new look for spring. . .no table.
This will eliminate my 3 shell game, my favorite effect and my bensen bowl routine. I need to re-think everything. I'm thinking rope through body, a giant 3 card monte, maybe "Sharpshooter" with some comedy gags and fun.
I had my website re-done. I think it will be more user friendly and offer more feedback. check it out:
Any suggestions are welcome. I'm hoping to book some holiday new years shows.
Sold one of my busking books to a chap in Ireland. I'm curious to get his feedback.
That's about it from Kansas City,
Prof. Gizmo'; data[3]['blog_time'] = 'Sun, 15 Nov 2009 17:21:19 -0500'; data[4] = new Array(); data[4]['title'] = 'busking'; data[4]['url'] = ''; data[4]['url'] = ''; data[4]['username'] = 'ProfGizmo'; data[4]['blog_id'] = '60'; data[4]['blog_message'] = 'Hoping to get over to Lawrence this Saturday. The Jay Hawks are at home playing football and there is a good crowd milling about in Downtown Lawrence. They are busker friendly. Hopefully will keep me busy. Wish me luck.
BlackBeltMagician'; data[4]['blog_time'] = 'Wed, 11 Nov 2009 21:33:14 -0500';