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just joined; very excited
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Author:  parrot [ Dec 11, 2005 ]
Title:  just joined; very excited

greetings! i just discovered busker central and am very happy to become a part of it! i am an old street performer, but have almost always been in controlled environments (street faires, renn fests, yadda yadda yadda) and have hit the wall...i'm ready to break onto the actual streets. it's pretty intimidating tho and i know nothing of laws/regs, not to mention 'new guy' ettiquette. i' m also moving to montreal in the spring and am looking for any and all info, links, etc regarding general guidelines as well as specifics on the montreal scene. glad for any response! thanks everyone!

Author:  Peter [ Dec 12, 2005 ]

Parrot, afraid I can't help you with Montreal scene as I work the midwest U.S. However, welcome aboard Busker Central. Use this forum as often as you can to ask, answer, or just talk with us. Also remember to post pictures of you working whenever you get some new ones.


Author:  BC [ Dec 12, 2005 ]

Dunno about Montreal...been there once. Maybe some other performance forums would know.

Even when you get bummed, you can always view new pics & videos here at BC to cheer up your rainy days.

Some funny and interesting categories are being added for 2006.

In fact, we have so much material deep in the BC archives, we'll probably be forced to make 2-3 more sites to hold it all.

Good luck!

Author:  parrot [ Dec 14, 2005 ]
Title:  thanks for the welcome

wow. i just can't tell you the high that is coming from simply even reading the names of places around the world performers are going. i think i'm actually heading south in a few weeks (cleveland, ohio about now isn't so lovely... plus being on the road, i haven't seen a winter in 5 years; talk about unprepared!) first, new orleans to visit and help out a little, then to ft. lauderdale, the keys and finally tampa/st.pete. any insights on those areas would be great. gosh, reading those muni codes online is mind-numbing. is there an easier way (i.e. a specific city dept. office i could call)? sorry for the naivete, but this is a new stage for me. thanks!

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