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Author:  busker4freedom [ Dec 26, 2005 ]
Title:  busker ranch

Consider this. Some of us in our intrepid ways about the planet, have been fortunate to reside in a mountain or country ranch setting for some time...IMAGINE this: a place where people could R & R & R (the r3ranch?) That is: Rest, Recouperate, & or Retire, in an environment where you could be "off" when necessary, and "ON" when that was enjoyable...it's a big world and there are many places where this could be (or maybe already IS...), it could become reality if we were, AS Shakespeare says somewhere, PERCHANCE to DREAM...meaning, sure, let's kick it around here, but most importantly, let us DREAM IT UP!

Author:  Peter [ Dec 26, 2005 ]

OH YES!! I picture this place as a nice beautiful spot in Montana or Wyoming. Beautiful mountains, wild flowers all over, riding horses around instead of driving cars. BUT, the winters would have to be like we were in AZ or New Mexico or Texas, nice and mild just cool and warm with no snow to shut down our pitches when we choose to work.


Author:  camilajerry [ Oct 14, 2014 ]
Title:  Re: busker ranch

I don't have a circuit yet, probably just going to have a few set places that I regular on occasion.

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