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Busking in Metaxourgeio, Athens!
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Author:  MetaAction [ Jul 4, 2011 ]
Title:  Busking in Metaxourgeio, Athens!

Metaxourgeio, The Cultural Heart of Athens: A Place Where Art is Alive and Artists Thrive.

If you are an artist, local or international, of any method or medium, performing or traditional, the Meta-Action team feels that today is the perfect time to become a part of our exciting future.

The district of Metaxourgeio represents a unique neighborhood in the historic center of Athens, and has become a bohemian enclave as well as a haven for art and culture. As part of the area's continual transformation, in October of 2010 the principal gallery of the city, The Municipal Gallery, was relocated to Avdi Square, which is the main square of the area. Avdi Square it is a large, public space that is well suited to artistic expression of all kinds.

In Metaxourgeio one can find many unique and authentic restaurants, quaint, cozy cafes where locals and visitors meet for a cup of coffee and lively conversation, periodic festivals and gatherings, private art galleries, popular theaters, performing arts schools and street artists. One of the exciting aspects of visiting or residing in Metaxourgeio is that fact that you can encounter a variety of street art in every step and on every corner.

Anonymous art pieces containing quotes and sayings in both English and Ancient Greek have begun springing up throughout the neighborhood, containing statements such as "Art for art's sake" (Τεχνη τεχνης χαριν). Guerilla gardening has also helped to beautify this area, taking advantage of the ample sunshine in Greece. Please browse this website for more information about Metaxourgeio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metaxourgeio

To support the activities of artists who may wish to come to Metaxourgeio to create their next masterpiece or to present an open-air
performance in Avdi Square, Meta-action is pleased to provide its popular Facebook Page to help you to promote your artistic endeavors, whatever form they may take.

Come to Metaxourgeio to be part of this vibrant bohemian enclave where the heart of Athens beats ever strong.

Please visit our website and contact us for more information: http://tiny.cc/meta-action
or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Athens...315598?sk=info


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