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From Chattanooga to Atlanta
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Author:  [Xadrian] [ Jan 18, 2006 ]
Title:  From Chattanooga to Atlanta


Ladies and Gentlemen! (well that covers most of you...) heh

I'm new to the site as well as the game. Soon to start testing the waters in Chattanooga, Tn. (From there to Atlanta when I get enough money.)

At the moment, at least until I learn more, I'm doing Poi & magic shows.

Interesting site, can't wait to meet some people on here.

Later days and many a full hat,

P.S: Anyone know the laws for Busking in Chatt town? I'm currently looking it up, but so far, I've not found any, just some bits about sidewalk vending, which, I'm not in. lol

Author:  Peter [ Jan 19, 2006 ]

Drake, welcome aboard!!! I have done some shows in Chattanooga many years ago. These were psychic fairs that I worked as a reader. It is the only town that I ever worked where the state department of revenue came in and collected sales tax from us.

Yes they were plain clothes but had their badges and weapons on their belts where we could see them.

I worked the psychic circuit from New York to Colorado for about 6 years. Great work for a mentalist!!


Author:  [Xadrian] [ Jan 19, 2006 ]

Thanks for the reply Peter. ^.^

I've considered trying the mentalist approach, but I find that I don't have the nack for it.

On the other hand, I can do some damn cool things with a bit of flash paper and a few coins to give to the kids. ^.^ That's always a way to win the parents over, just keep the kids distracted. lol

As for the sales tax bit, that's not very kosher, but eh, it happens sometimes.

I don't have a circuit yet, probably just going to have a few set places that I regular on occasion.

At any rate, things must be done, people must be contacted, and the bed calls.

Thanks & peace upon the road,

Author:  SonOBootney [ Dec 5, 2018 ]
Title:  Re: From Chattanooga to Atlanta

...This is an extremely old :whistle: post, I now see ~ so I shan't :busker: bother with my intended reply now ~ which could have seen been seen as (though it would be intended as that) living up to my handle's initials!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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