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 Title: interested in the panhandler-turned-busker-with-a-harmonica
PostPosted: Mar 30, 2016 
Neo Busker

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The buskers I've met so far have been pretty upbeat and interesting people - I've even teamed up with one occasionally (a fiddler). Sorry that you've encountered (trained?) so many losers. Over a thousand songs? Wow!

However, I'm not interested in the panhandler-turned-busker-with-a-harmonica type, but the ones who busk for the challenge of being effective. My own personal campaign, of sorts, is to increase/improve the perception of busking, historically, socially, and economically. I go for the $ because I entertain visually as well as musically, with big doses of graciousness and whimsy. Like any performer, presentation style and quality is what it's about.

I have to admit, though, that I surely don't make my sole living via busking (it seems, not surprisingly, that very few can or want to), but I certainly am looking to find ways and places that will provide bigger hats. I guess I'm just looking for other buskers who I can "milk" for more information. And, yes, most stuff on the web has only gone so far, but I like to think that there's more to be found/shared/discovered.


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