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How's this song selection?
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Author:  dmartell1856 [ May 13, 2010 ]
Title:  How's this song selection?

I live in Pittsburgh and I'm going to start busking on my days off, starting tomorrow. I'll be playing guitar and singing. This is my 30-minute or so set list:

I will survive - Cake version
Breakfast @ Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
Rodeo Clowns - G-Love
Only Wanna Be With You - Hootie
Fire & Rain - JT
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Free Fallin' - Tom Petty
Blackbird - Beatles
Collide - Howie Day
Ain't no sunshine - Bill Withers

If I play these with enthusiasm, I should do OK, right?

What do you think? I've never done this before. :)

Author:  dmartell1856 [ May 13, 2010 ]
Title:  Re: How's this song selection?

So I went out today and made $3.40 in my first hour! Weeeee!!! I was pleased at my performance, and I think the crowd was too, but I need to develop my act some more.

I think I need to go out with a hat instead of relying on my open guitar case. I was playing at a city plaza with a fountain and a major bus stop, so there was other noise around. I also set up a fair distance away from the bus stop and in retrospect, I should have been closer. The tips I did get were from people sitting at the stop who came over to me to tip. If I had been closer, they may have been more inclined. Also, I should solicit more. I barely asked anybody for a tip. I definitely need to develop a hat line. And If I go out with an ACTUAL HAT, then I can wander and not be tied down to my case, and hold out my hat or put it on the ground for tips.

Any thoughts? Anybody?

Author:  guitarman [ May 17, 2010 ]
Title:  Re: How's this song selection?

Sounds good...There's a hat thread around here somewhere.
I remember going by a cafe with some dood on an acoustic guitar playing Freefalling....sounded horrible because he couldn't sing...

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