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I disagree with american busker
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Author:  deepestfish [ Jan 17, 2011 ]
Title:  I disagree with american busker

Ok, so in my research I've come across this "American Busker" blog (http://www.americanbusker.wordpress.com), and I am having trouble with some of the advice this person is giving. Namely, I don't like the idea of seed money and then constantly emptying the instrument case so that it always looks like there is less money in there. While clicking around the site, I definitely found a ton of great tips like this, at the end of the day I think it is pretty deceitful. Maybe it's just one of those things you have to get used to... but I'm not ready to take that step.

Author:  MagiCol [ Feb 9, 2011 ]

The seed money could be some of the money carried over from your previous day/hour's work. It was put in your hat, and you've returned it there.

As for reducing the amount of hat money by taking out some of it to store safely, I think that's a good thing. Otherwise someone may swoop in and steal half your session's income. In preventing that, you're making the street safer! Whenever anyone gives me paper money [$5 is lowest New Zealand note], I put it away safely in a hidden place.

Author:  Rockula [ Dec 24, 2011 ]
Title:  Re: I disagree with american busker

I agree with removing large amounts of money
It is beneficial to leave a couple of bills but nothing substantial
Lots of change also attracts the eye
I have not had anyone try to snatch my tips but there's always a first time

Can you explain why you don't agree with seed money?
Is it the artistic principal or is it a common sense thing?

Author:  Banjo Steve [ May 5, 2012 ]
Title:  Re: I disagree with american busker

Seed money clues people in to the fact that you are looking (graciously and without pressure) remuneration. If you have small change in there, that is what you will likely get. Bills beget more bills.

Author:  dbmagic [ Oct 18, 2013 ]
Title:  Re: I disagree with american busker

I start with seed money in the hat, then take it out when it starts to get full. Full hat=less tips! Mr. Danny

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