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Author:  Inus [ Nov 26, 2012 ]
Title:  Costumes?

Hi there fellow buskers.

I was wondering if anyone ever wears some kind of costume? I sometimes wear a banana suit and it is great fun. Do you generally see costumes as a good part of your show?


Author:  WorldsGreatest! [ Nov 28, 2012 ]
Title:  Re: Costumes?

I find costumes almost a necessity when separating yourself from the crowd. Since hardly anybody wears a hat anymore, this is a good way to separate on the cheap.
I often find myself in a white dinner jacket with black lapels...about $300 retail...but something I discovered at a thrift shop for only $40.

Author:  Candi [ Aug 13, 2013 ]
Title:  Re: Costumes?

Ditto. The t-shirt, flip-flops, and shorts seem to short-circuit the performance. Try to be sharp, clean, and unique.

Author:  dbmagic [ Oct 18, 2013 ]
Title:  Re: Costumes?

Just put on dress clothes, did buy a nice top hat. Mixed results, but I do stand out now! Mr. Danny

Author:  Darren Raleigh [ Feb 22, 2016 ]
Title:  Re: Costumes?

Keep in mind that normal people are going to view you - a busker - as something from the other world, and that's scary.

You don't have to go full-out costume if you don't want to, or if it would inhibit your performance, but people should immediately see that you're someone who didn't just wake up behind a dumpster.

Dressing like you meant to be looked at shows your audiences that you're a prepared performer and that prevents any anxiety that would keep them from getting close enough to pile money on you.

In my opinion,

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