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 Title: Human Statue Interview
PostPosted: Apr 3, 2007 
Hello, My name is Tim Storm, and I’m writing a short piece on living statues and other “buskers” or street performers. I’m wondering if you could answer just a few quick questions for me. How did you get started as a living statue? How often do you do it and on what occasions (weekends, holidays, for hire)? Why do you do it? Does street performance provide you with any income? If so, what’s the most you’ve ever made in one day from street performing (not from a hired position)? I hear that living statue posing can be physically very strenuous. What sort of training do you need to do? How often do you change positions? Do you blink? What sorts of discomfort do you feel and how do you deal with it? What’s the most unpleasant experience you’ve had with a member of the “audience”? What the best experience? And an odd series of questions: What happens to your vision? You can’t look at people, so do you rely on peripheral vision? When I stare at one thing for a long time, I get tunnel vision. Does that happen to you? Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Tim Storm tdstorm@charter.net

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