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 Title: Ansan Street Arts Festival, Korea
PostPosted: Feb 20, 2008 
Hello -
I'm Michelle Oh, program manager for ANSAN STREET ARTS FESTIVAL (ASAF) of Republic of Korea. ASAF has the history of only 4 years but it is not only the most beloved event in the region but also one of the fastest growing festivals in the country. The city of Ansan is 30km from Seoul, with about 700,000 populations. All the performances will be held in the field of street and open-air theatre. The festival aims at developing street arts in Korea, promoting cultural exchange between countries, and relating to the audiences. ASAFRINGE is a name of the international competitive section of ANSAN STREET ARTS FESTIVAL which will be held in Ansan, Korea from 3rd~5th May, 2008. The prizes for the 1st and 2nd winners will get 10,000USD and 5,000USD. So artists must cover their own travel cost as well as freight. The festival only can provides hotel, meals (or per diem), technical rider, domestic transportation and under 1,000USD financial support per each team. We're programming this year's program at the moment and finding some interesting performers. I think it'll be a good opportunity for the artists.
Thank you very much!! Hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards, Michelle Program manager of the ASAF2008 -- Ansan Street Arts Festival (3rd~5th May 2008) Ansan Arts Center 817 Gojandong Danwongu Ansansi Gyunggido S.Korea p.c.425-020 Web-site: www.ansanfest.com Tel: +82 31 481-4030~3 Fax:+82 31 481-4034

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