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PostPosted: Apr 5, 2008 
May is International MIME month! Let's go MAD!

Join us in a celebration of the International Mime Awareness Day (MAD!) the third Sunday in May on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall!

Mimes can perform their routines on our special outdoor stage for a FREE High-Definition video shoot complete with theater props!

There will also be FREE performance DVD's if you're lucky!

The Le Centre du Silence's Director Samuel Avital will represent the leading school for MIME celebrating it's 37th year with the International Summer Mime Workshop.

Calling all Mimes!

International Mime Awareness Day!

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Noon - 6pm

No pay but great exposure, promotion, and fun!


More info at www.MimeOverMatter.com

Please remember that a Mime is a terrible thing to waste!

See you there! :D

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