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Author:  link [ Nov 9, 2008 ]
Title:  juggling

I am a 12 yr old boy and i can juggle 5 balls and 4 and do many tricks with 3 ball. Do u think busking will be a waste of my time and wont get any money except for a few quarters, or do u think i will get like 10 bucks or some thing. Even though im young i think i have a good talent. If u can reply back that would be nice. THANKS

Author:  Candi [ Nov 10, 2008 ]
Title:  Re: juggling

Definitely worth your time and effort! Believe it or not, from my observation, young people can make more than adults! First get your show down to where you're comfortable with it, then go for it. However, rather than just running out to your nearest corner which could be dangerous for a young person, try safe venues like flea markets, swap meets, and the like where there are plenty of adults around. You may be able to pay for your college education by juggling...it's been done before and will be done again.

Author:  link [ Nov 11, 2008 ]
Title:  Re: juggling

thank u for the reply.i only have one problem. theres a busy park were i would like to do my performance. so i looked all over the web for the laws but could not find a thing.thanks though

Author:  joe [ Jul 27, 2009 ]
Title:  Re: juggling

There was a recent local court case in Washington that stated that street performers (as opposed to vendors) are protected by the 1st Amendment (free speech) in parks.

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