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Author:  Peter [ Nov 5, 2005 ]
Title:  Balloons?

My wife and I do a LOT of restaurants doing balloons and face painting. I also busk doing magic and am very good with that. My question is: can you make good hats doing only balloons as a busker on the street?

Right now I average about $60 to 70 per hour in tips doing the restaurant thing. Ruth makes about $35 per hour. Would this be realistic on the street?

Author:  balloonbafoon [ Aug 20, 2009 ]
Title:  Re: Balloons?

well i balloon busk in miami florida usually at malls and such and average about $20 an hour however i am trying to pursue some restaurant gigs and was wondering if you would tell me as to how much of a fee do you charge to do restaurant work thanks slot good luck

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