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Crossing borders/Visas
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Author:  Hippie [ May 25, 2009 ]
Title:  Crossing borders/Visas


Just wondering if anyone has had any trouble crossing borders with what is obviously busking gear with a tourist visa?

I will soon be going to Europe then the USA and will have with me a bag full of juggling props, my unicycle, etc etc.

Anyone know if I could run into problems?

Author:  guitarman [ May 26, 2009 ]
Title:  Re: Corssing borders/Visas

:police: I crossed what must have been one of the seedy-est borders in the world...the Portugal=>Spain border after midnight on a cold unheated train. They took us off the train into a bunkhouse built before WW1. The uniformed customs patrol looked inside my suitcase filled with theater props and didn't blink an eye. If they do, just tell them you're a guest with the local theater to explain it all away. Of course, there's no prob in the USA :hippy:

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