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 Title: Portable Speakers
PostPosted: Sep 28, 2009 
Neo Busker

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I am a final year product design student looking into design a form of portable speakers design for a mix between street performers and casual users who would just like portable loud music.

I realise that there are already current products available after doing some other research but does anyone feel that there are any problems that need over coming after using them in the past.

Knowing the weight of the batteries used I was going to look at incorporating the system with a set of wheels rather than needing a separate trolly from transportation.

Thanks in advance, Joss

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 Title: Re: Portable Speakers
PostPosted: Sep 26, 2010 
Neo Busker

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Just a couple of idle ideas;

Solar/ wind powered ?

Wind-up like the portable radios ? ( could make it part of the act)

Park a bicycle on a fold-down rear stand , pedal furiously and run off the dynamo ! Speakers where the panniers would be.

Combination of #2 and #3 where you charge up the wind-up part from a radio via a bicycle ?



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