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whitsunday busking arrest
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Author:  drufi [ Nov 3, 2009 ]
Title:  whitsunday busking arrest

hi everyone, my name is drufi and im a busker in airlie beach australia for over a decade. the last 2 years ive been arrested twice because council have no permit system, but they also have no policy that is clear that has any relationship to busking.
the charges i have is 2 counts of begging in a public place. 1 count has been dealt with - verdict GUILTY but absolutely dissmissed, no court fees or punishment. now is the 2nd charge, due to a comittal hearing in dec.7 at proserpine magistrates court.
if anyone has any legal advice please email me drewfinlay@hotmail.com

for more details search WHITSUNDAYS MOST WANTED on you tube

Author:  TigerSoop [ Nov 3, 2009 ]
Title:  Re: whitsunday busking arrest

Drew, are there pro bono lawyers in Australia that take on constitutional cases?

Right now in Canada there are constitutional challenges against the "anti-panhandling" laws. It will take years to see the outcomes but at least someone is trying.

Is there some media in your area you can pull on board? Other buskers?

This is important and busking is, inherently a political act anyway. It's about the use of public [common] space for the "common good". It's about the public taking back the space to be used in artistic ways for the enjoyment of everyone.

It's why TigerSoop crashed Nuit Blanche. Used to be an fun event promoting neighbourhood artists--now artists are "imported" because it's financed by ScotiaBank who turned this fun event into a competition for cash.

So we took over "common space" because we're from this 'hood.

So, it's YOUR space :wink2:


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