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Legal questions
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Author:  pjevac [ Mar 16, 2011 ]
Title:  Legal questions

Hi! I'm a singer-songwriter and I haven't tried my hand on busking yet, but my band is splitting up and it seems after we've finished our summer-season gigs we'll be going apart. I am writing new songs right now that I'll be able to perform on my own and I'm seriously thinking about taking off, I just want to shape up my car or get a van and finish writing and recording songs, so I'd have a fresh CD with original stuff on to promote and sell. Now there's a big issue to be solved: I'm from Croatia - I can travel as tourist through EU anytime, but I'm worried about playing out in the street without a working permit. Can I get in trouble or is it safe? What do I have to do? I'm not worried about being sent off the pitch, you take your stuff and move somewhere else or leave the town, but what if I'm considered an illegal immigrant or illegal worker, would I get deported and fined seriously? I know that every town has a different practice about busking and I'd gladly follow all the local rules, but is there any kind of document I could get to avoid such serious problems?

Author:  pjevac [ Mar 19, 2011 ]
Title:  Re: Legal questions

Does anyone know any answers? Please!

Author:  guitarman [ Mar 20, 2011 ]
Title:  Re: Legal questions

Most buskers in Europe are from foreign lands far away. We all travel as tourists as it's part of the lifestyle. If we all sat around wondering if we're going to get busted, there wouldn't be any busking.

Buskers don't require work permits as everyone knows the busker is working off the books. You won't be illegal because you're travelling as a tourist. You will be subject, however, to fines and confiscation so do your research first and simply ring the police up and ask.

Look at it as an adventure...and I'll see you in jail 8)

Author:  pjevac [ Mar 21, 2011 ]
Title:  Re: Legal questions

I am asking people all around. A friend of mine is a clown and has been into busking for a few years now. He told it's basically all about how you act when someone questions your being there and performing. If you're arrogant when approached by police you get in trouble, but if they say leave you leave and there shouldn't be much trouble. He also promised to give me a map of good towns for busking through Italy, which I think will be very useful for me.

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