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Author:  clint [ Dec 13, 2011 ]
Title:  places to busk

hi guys iv been working as a busker for 5 years im a jack sparrow lookalike in London and do really well. but since i was 12 iv been doing magic iam now 29 and fill i want to do a magic show and start to do busking full time in the summer i work London from April to September i want to work from October to March some were else i was thinking america does anyone know which are the best places to go in those months many thanks

Maximus Kent

Author:  ScreamingMime [ Dec 14, 2011 ]
Title:  Re: places to busk

Go south young man - go south.
For October thru March in "America", I'd include Venice Beach and San Diego's beaches and piers in southern California and the Gulf coast states including Padre Island, New Orleans, Clearwater & Key West, Florida. I'd skip Arizona, Mississippi, and Alabama although someone may know of good spots in these glorious states.

Good Luck! :lampshade:

Author:  conroy89 [ Feb 6, 2014 ]
Title:  Re: places to busk

Are there a lot of jack sparrow look a likes out there? Did you happen to be in hamburg in nov of 2013? I was touring in europe at the time. I had no time to busk, too much distance between gigs, but i heard all types of mixed reviews on it and saw many buskers on the streets. A lot of places say for example, i'd hear you can only busk in one spot for 20-30 minutes, then move on. Anyways, i remember talking to a guy from england in full jack sparrow gear. Looked just like him.

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