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THANK YOU Busker Central, for just being YOU! :)
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Author:  whitt [ Jul 13, 2014 ]
Title:  THANK YOU Busker Central, for just being YOU! :)

Hi. Just found this site, & all I can say is WOW!!!!!! It is SOOOOO nice of you folks to do this! I will surely be back here OFTEN! I performed from 1975-2010, but not on the streets, Did my gigs at the typical festivals, parties, schools, etc., So am new to doing street stuff. Did some in Asheville, N.C. during the VERY short time I was down there (about a month), & though I was there in the off season {mid November to mid December}, I had fun & made some coin (about 20.00 one day). Living near Saratoga Springs, N.Y. now, & looking to do some there. Went there for the first time yesterday & talked to the police dept. They said No permit needed unless you are amplified, but no soliciting for tips either. An open case, hat, etc is fine, but no verbal asking, or even a tip sign. Basically, the same as Asheville was. Full hats to all. :)

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