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Problems when busking?
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Author:  OscarMoP [ Nov 27, 2014 ]
Title:  Problems when busking?

Hey everyone!
I'm doing a school project (in Australia!) and needed to ask a few questions:

Has anyone ever experienced any problems or issues when they have gone busking? These can include security issues, transport issues, power issues, legal issues, etc.

Also, have you come across any solutions (diy or otherwise) to these problems?

I would really appreciate it if you shared your experiences with me.

Author:  WorldsGreatest! [ Dec 11, 2014 ]
Title:  Re: Problems when busking?

The reason nobody responded is because we've all experienced problems from drunks, cops, malfunctions, shop owners, rain, occupied pitches, the edge leaving - the list is almost endless. About all we can do is take one problem at a time and see how it was solved. For example, some buskers actually hire others to keep the drunks away. Others hire someone to hang on the pitch until they arrive. Without several responses to your question, I'm afraid you'll just have to wing it.

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