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Is Easter a good time to busk?
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Author:  PlumBlossom [ Mar 16, 2015 ]
Title:  Is Easter a good time to busk?

Hello, everyone! I am new to this busking business; I have been busking now and then for one year. I went busking again this past Saturday, and to my surprise I made twice of what I usually made. And the only explanation is that it's Easter season. So I want to know if Easter is a good time to busking? I went busking Christmas time too, and surely the profit was great. I really want to make busking my regular job, and I really need to know if it was because it's Easter, or because of my choice of music changed. Oh, BTW, I play the violin. Thanks for reading! PlumBlossom

Author:  ScreamingMime [ Mar 16, 2015 ]
Title:  Re: Is Easter a good time to busk?

I've found that anytime the sun is shining is good...and even when it isn't. As long as you perform in a professional manner like Olly Murs in this month's busker news, you'll be fine.

Author:  PlumBlossom [ Mar 17, 2015 ]
Title:  Re: Is Easter a good time to busk?

It was actually a very rainy day, ScreamingMime. That made me wonder what made it good? I am just hoping it was because of my music. That way, I have more chance of getting a steady income.

Author:  The-Big-E [ Apr 6, 2015 ]
Title:  Re: Is Easter a good time to busk?

I have found I generally do quite well when the weather is NOT so good, especially in winter when it's really cold (I am powered so no playing in the rain!). I figure people just appreciate you making the effort.

Author:  PlumBlossom [ May 2, 2015 ]
Title:  Re: Is Easter a good time to busk?

I do a lot better when the weather is nice. I literally feel that the people are friendlier, than when the weather sucked, and they seemed very hostile.

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