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Author:  dg_kumar [ Jul 1, 2015 ]
Title:  Street Performance Queries


i hope somebody could help me with one of my unit assignments. I'm a ESL student at Heartland Community College. I would like to know about busking world.

1) what are the best cities for busking fun in the United States?

2) are buskers prefer festival or shows on the street?

3) How long a busker can perform in a day?

4) what are the skills required to be a busker?

5) Why buskers preferred to perform shows on the street?

6) what is the goal for buskers?

Thanks in advance!

Author:  cgk [ Jul 6, 2015 ]
Title:  Re: Street Performance Queries


We like playing for huge crowds, and the goal has been for people to pay a small to come and see us. We wanted to ensure all audience have had a chance to show appreciation for our skills. A good busker can control the huge audience . Some buskers can perform all day or hour it entirely depends on their stamina. we usually gather at buskers festival and some buskers prefer to perform in streets instead of fairs and festivals. Many cities in the United States have known to be popular spots for street performers. You can find Performers at many locations like Mallory Square in Key West, in New Orleans, in New York around Central Park, Washington Square, and the subway systems, in San Francisco, in Washington, D.C. around the transit centers, in Los Angeles around Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade, and the Hollywood area, in Chicago on Maxwell Street, in the Delmar Loop district of St. Louis

Good Luck!


Author:  Krazy Kat [ Jul 11, 2015 ]
Title:  Re: Street Performance Queries

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