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Pitches in Europe??
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Author:  juggla789 [ Jul 13, 2006 ]
Title:  Pitches in Europe??

Hi, I am heading to Europe in a month or so and am interested in finding info out about pitches in Europe.
Can anyone of you fantastic performers out there lend a hand? By the way I have a circle act, about 15 mins.
1. Up-2-Date Pitches??
2. Regulations/Permits??
3. Interesting characters that are worth a yarn with ;-)

Cheers 8)

Author:  BC [ Jul 13, 2006 ]

Hi Jeremy and welcome

Offhand, Amsterdam and Antwerp come to mind. That will get you started and familiar with the setup.

Ultimately, a busker looks around themselves for a pitch in Europe where there's hardly any other buskers around so this make take some time.

It's a little late for Europe but I suppose you have a few weeks left by the time you get there. Some get over there as early as late April.

Author:  juggla789 [ Jul 14, 2006 ]

Great :-)

I will keep this in mind.
Know anything about berlin?

Author:  BC [ Jul 24, 2006 ]

These guys are in Berlin...maybe ask them

Also, an article on Berlin here.

Author:  juggla789 [ Aug 3, 2006 ]
Title:  Nice One :-)

:) Cheers, I have sent an e-mail through to the mimes, they have quite a well done website as well.


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