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Battery- AC converter
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Author:  anystreet [ Dec 17, 2007 ]
Title:  Battery- AC converter

Does anyone use any AC devices? I have an effects unit that I want to use through an amplifier, but the unit does not run on batteries- only AC. I can obviously find lots of amps that are battery powered, but how can I run my effects unit? I was thinking of some type of rechargeable power source that allows me to plug in regular electrical stuff. Oh, and if it matters, it's a North American effects unit that I'll be using in Europe.

Author:  ScreamingMime [ Feb 11, 2014 ]
Title:  Re: Battery- AC converter

I know it's a bit late on this but...
Inverters that change DC into AC don't run very long and require special huge discharging batteries. You may want to try a little gas-engine camping generator.
I stuck a foam-insulating box over mine for quiet operation.

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