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Author:  Bascom Oddity [ Aug 8, 2012 ]
Title:  Musings & Methods on Busking in S.F.-Blog

Hey guys- I just wanted to share my blog with you all as it could be of service to some..Unusual Musings,Tips,Tutorials & techniques of the Freakish and Fringe, Busking in San Francisco,and more...
if this interests you-maybe take a moment and check it out..
we just wrote a few new blogs about some of our experiences Busking in San Francisco..
With lots of tips and hard to find information via pdfs put out by the S.F. Port Authority on the Fishermans Wharfs busking guidelines,laws,maps etc...
Hope you find it usefull!
Bascom P. Oddity
direct link to maps and pdfs blog:
http://pannyx.blogspot.com/2012/08/busk ... rmans.html

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